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「Re-Energy as Standard」 
New Energy Coordinator

Promotion of Renewable Energy



・ Utilizing renewable energy resources

    Support for the development of new services

・ Market related to energy-related services

   Ting, sales strategy formulation support

・ Business development support in the wind          power generation business

・ Business development support for offshore        wind turbine business

・ Market report from a third-party perspective

    Creation of technical report

​Doc creation agency

・ Renewable energy business certification

・ Connection examination application           

  form for each electric power company

・ Support for creating proposals related       

  to open recruitment projects

・ Other renewable energy

    Various application forms /             

    Authorization documents 

Digital content

・Various distribution services of affiliated


・Digital content creation support 

Corporate Profile

Company Name






Business content


Business content

Seed Consulting

2020/8/24(Founded  2012/10/12)


1-6-25,Hongo-cho, Oyama-city, Tochigi


Consulting and incidental service provision

in the renewable energy power generation


Artist management business and

Content business    

Toshiaki Otsuka

After more than 25 years of experience in developing control systems for robots, transport equipment, etc., I have been involved in the renewable energy field since 2012, developing bidirectional PCS for photovoltaic power generation (low voltage) and storage batteries.

After that, I developed the small wind turbine (less than 20kW) and launched a small wind power generation business.

Since 2017, I have been in charge of the wind turbine for the "Next-Generation Floating Offshore Wind Turbine System" (NEDO project), and introduced a 3 MW class two-blade wind turbine from Germany.

As the demonstration study, the wind turbine was imported to Japan after witnessing the wind turbine manufacturing in Germany and the full-load test at the RWTH Aachen University (CWD–Center for Wind Power Drives).

In 2018, for demonstration research off the coast of Kitakyushu Hibiki Nada, in charge of construction work and start-up of wind turbine operation, officially started operation in May 2019. 

We have promoted the commercialization of domestic renewable energy (solar and wind turbine). After that, aiming for commercialization of floating offshore wind turbines, we were in charge of demonstration study in the NEDO project, and based on our experience in floating and landing offshore wind turbine development, we began to materialize the concept of offshore wind turbines. 

We provide consulting services such as wind turbine selection, implementation of various plans such as business models, plant design, advisory on supply chain construction, and support for creating open recruitment proposals. 

Contact Me


1-6-25, Hongo-cho, Oyama city, Tochigi Pref.​




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